SIM International Academy

SIM International Academy (SIM IA) offers the Cambridge IGCSE and International A Level, developed and awarded by Cambridge Assessment International Education, United Kingdom, to students aged 12 to 18. SIM IA’s curriculum focuses on applied learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as the Social Sciences. Taught by faculty experienced in local and international curricula, students are nurtured to become curious learners, community builders and creative leaders. Beyond academics, students’ learning experience is enriched through co-curricular activities, service-learning and a boarding programme. Upon graduation, students can explore tertiary education pathways at SIM Global Education (SIM GE) or universities worldwide.

We build a multicultural student community who care for a better world, we inspire students with a curriculum that emphasises creativity and entrepreneurship. We also help our students to discover multiple pathways to suit their individual interests and passions. With a customised learning infrastructure, highly-experienced faculty and a focus on character building, SIM IA is set to change the way education shapes the new generation.


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Confidence to step into the world


Our students are intellectually curious, want to learn, and collaborate with their peers to create new knowledge.


Our students are engaged with the local community in both their home and host countries. They understand themselves vis-à-vis the people around them, and are reflective, responsible and respectful.


Above all, our students are confident and inventive thinkers, prepared to serve, lead and contribute as active members of society.

Cambridge students are very well-prepared for our curriculum and we find that they have a lot of confidence, but also that they have good deep subject knowledge, and the ability to think critically.

Stuart Schmill
Dean of Admissions, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)