About the Academy

Students at SIM International Academy can expect a rigorous, inquiry-based academic programme designed and taught by faculty with extensive experience in local and international curricula. The faculty has also designed co-curricular, service-learning and boarding programmes to complement the academic programme.

Boarding facilities and a dedicated boarding programme will be offered to all students, especially those who are joining us from overseas. Students from the region who require additional help in the English language will receive ample support. SIM IA will prepare students for success in tertiary education, with SIM’s partner universities or other international universities, as well as engagement with and contribution to regional communities.

Our Vision

Leading Asia with Education for the Real World.

Our Mission

We inspire creativity and entrepreneurship, build global communities and enable our students to discover multiple pathways in life.

Our Values

  • Keep an open mind
  • Lead with courage
  • Be resilient
  • Let’s collaborate

Our Culture

We have an open culture where staff trust and respect one another; embrace change and seek ways to innovate; and learn and work together as a team.

Our Purpose

To open doors in life through educational opportunities

Our Commitment

To our Members
We care for our members, recognise their importance, and strive to raise the prestige of their membership.

To our Customers
We value our customers and commit ourselves to be relevant through continuous improvements in our products and services. 

To our Employees
We care for our people by creating a conducive work environment, helping them to balance family and work commitments, recognising their contributions, and developing them to their full potential.

To our Community
We honour our social obligations and pledge to be a good corporate citizen by always acting professionally and ethically in all matters.


Under the Private Education Act, legislated in December 2009, a Council for Private Education (CPE) was set up to regulate the private education industry in Singapore. From 03 October 2016, the CPE became part of a new statutory board – SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Within the new structure, the CPE was appointed by the SSG Board to carry out its functions and powers relating to private education under the aforementioned Act.

All Private Education Institutions (PEIs) are required to comply with the regulations under the Act in order to continue operations.

Please click here for the requirements which Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd (SIM PL) has put in place.