We are excited that you are considering our Academy for your child’s education!

Why SIM International Academy?




Our faculty is a group of dedicated educators with an average of 15 years’ teaching experience in local and international schools and curricula. They have had invaluable experience planning curriculum at the Ministry of Education, or training other teachers, and half of our faculty have a Masters in their field.

We provide boarding facilities and a specially-designed boarding programme for international students.

We provide a pathway to tertiary education through SIM’s partnership with international universities.

1. Eligibility


Non-Singapore citizens, whether residing in or outside of Singapore, are eligible for enrollment at SIM International Academy. If residing in Singapore, applicants should hold one of the following immigration statuses:

Note: We must seek and obtain approval from the Ministry of Education prior to admitting any Singapore citizen as a student at SIM International Academy. 

Permanent Residents

Dependant’s Pass Holders

Long-Term Visit Pass Holders

Student’s Pass Holders


wdt_ID An applicant who is currently in his/her... May apply to SIM International Academy's
1 Last year of primary education (12 years old) Year 7
2 First year of secondary education (13 years old) Year 8
3 Second year of secondary education (14 years old) Year 9

2. Admissions Criteria

wdt_ID Applicants to IGCSE Programme Should have completed Have English language proficiency at the following level
3 Year 7 The Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) or equivalent PSLE English or equivalent
5 Year 8 Year 7 of an IGCSE programme or equivalent Year 7 of an IGCSE programme or equivalent
6 Year 9 Year 8 of an IGCSE programme or equivalent Year 7 of an IGCSE programme or equivalent

*We are currently not accepting applications to Year 10.
To demonstrate their academic level and English language proficiency, applicants must
  • Provide academic reports from the last three years, and
  • Sit and pass an English test, Mathematics test and an oral interview conducted by SIM IA.

SIM International Academy Scholarship

The SIM International Academy Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students to pursue their secondary education at SIM International Academy.

Academic Excellence and Leadership

Awards are granted to outstanding students who have achieved academic excellence and demonstrated leadership qualities both in and outside the classroom.


  • Outstanding achievements in primary (and secondary school, if applicable)
  • Active community outreach and co-curricular activities profile
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills

Value of Scholarship

The scholarship will cover the recipient’s tuition fee for the upcoming academic year.

  • Application, miscellaneous and boarding fees are not covered by the scholarship.
  • There is no bond attached to the scholarship

Selection Process

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified, and all shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the SIM International Academy Scholarships Selection Panel.

SIM International Academy does not enter into any correspondence on the award of the Scholarship and reserves the right to vary the terms and conditions of any SIM International Academy Scholarship without prior notice.

Tenure of Scholarship

The scholarship is tenable for one year, and will be renewed for the following year if the scholar maintain his/her ranking in the 90th percentile of his/her cohort.


Applications Open: 1 March 2017
Applications Close: 30 June 2017

Terms and Conditions

  • The scholar shall not, without the prior written approval of SIM International Academy, hold the Scholarship Award concurrently with any other scholarship or tuition grant.
  • The scholar’s academic performance will be reviewed every semester.
  • The scholar is expected to maintain excellent conduct.
  • The Scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if the scholar’s progress or behaviour is deemed unsatisfactory by SIM International Academy.
  • If the Scholarship is terminated for any reason, the scholar shall bear all the fees for the remaining duration of the course of study; and the scholar shall be further liable to repay SIM International Academy all of the Sponsorship Award benefits that have been paid by SIM International Academy.