Boarding Experience

Boarding life is an extension of school life with programmes that complement students’ daytime learning; offering students the unique experience of interdisciplinary learning through living and studying within a community. Living away from home can be challenging for young students, and SIM IA’s stay-in faculty at boarding spare no effort in creating a home-away-from-home for boarders by functioning as house parents who take care of our students’ welfare at the boarding house. Boarders are encouraged to actively participate in boarding life by working together with their boarding mentors to organise sporting and cultural activities at the boarding house; important festive occasions such as Chuseok, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas are celebrated at the house, providing our boarders platforms to share cross-cultural experiences with their SIM IA family.

It is an opportunity for students to form rich and lasting relationships with friends from different countries and cultures, and immeasurably enrich their school experience beyond academic studies.

A typical evening at boarding after school:

Time Schedule wdt_ID
6:00pm Dinner 1
7:00pm Supervised Prep Time/Academic Support 2
8:30pm Recreation Time 3
9:30pm Revision (individuals in their own rooms) 4
11:00pm Lights out 5

Life Skills

  • Managing Self, Managing Others
  • Conflict Management

Social & Emotional Support

  • Boarding Townhall Meetings
  • Counselling

Enrichment Programmes

  • Music appreciation
  • Art appreciation activities
  • Field trips
  • Sports
  • Movies

Academic Support Programmes

English Language

  • Printmaking Class by Brave New Worlds
    Students opting for this class will go through a design thinking process to learn how to develop their own artworks. The programme will bring together research, ideation and presentation skills as students work in small groups to present their own understandings of Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Voice Ensemble by Ng Jingyun
    A voice coach will take students in this class through breathing and presentation techniques to improve their articulation and enunciation in the English Language. Students will also be brought through journaling as a process of target setting, identifying areas of weaknesses, and learning how to work through challenges to see personal improvements.
  • IGCSE English Exam Preparation Class|
    In addition to our English Immersion through the Arts programmes, Year 10 students will also get the option of attending an Examination Preparation Class as we gear our first graduating batch towards the IGCSE examinations.