Facilities & Amenities


Bedrooms are air-conditioned and can accommodate 3 or 4 boarders. Each boarder is allocated a bed, study desk, chair and a wardrobe. Bathrooms are attached to the bedroom.

Dining Hall

At the dining hall, students can dine in an open-air and breezy environment, and interact with other boarders during their daily meals.

Basketball Court

Two basketball courts are available for students to engage in a game with their friends during their free time.

Cosy Interaction Rooms

The communal spaces on each floor of the boarding school allow students to gather and hang out with their friends. Here, students can chat, play board games, or watch television programmes.

Outdoor Area

The three boarding blocks are situated in a tranquil, green and leafy environment. Native flora cover the grounds of the boarding school, and their colours and scent provide a peaceful backdrop for the boarders.

Multi-purpose room

The study halls situated below the boarding block are used for students prep time and self-study period, the hall can also be repurposed for other group activities and even a ping pong time for student to take a short break while studying.

Track and Field

The Track and field within the vicinity of the boarding compound allow students to keep fit with convenience. After school activities and CCAs are sometimes conducted in the area as well.

Music Rooms

There are 2 music rooms fully equipped with a grand piano, drum set, amplifiers for guitar as well as Gu Zheng for students to develop their musical talents.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry service is provided for boarders, washing machine and dryer are provided if they choose to do their own washing.