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Yes, they will have access to facilities such as the sports hall and student gym on the SIM campus, with the supervision of IA faculty and staff.

SIM IA classrooms and science laboratories are located in Block B in the main SIM Campus. The SIM IA space is accessible only to SIM IA faculty, staff and students. Teaching and learning spaces allocated to SIM IA are not shared with other programmes and students at SIM.

Enrollment, Class Size and School Calendar

SIM IA is expecting an intake of about 150 students per year at steady state. For the first cohort starting in Academic Year (AY) 17-18, we are looking at an intake of 90 students across Years 7 to 9.

The maximum number of students per class at SIM IA is 25. Our overall teacher-student ratio is 1:12.

For Academic Year (AY) 2018-19, the school year will start on 16 July 2018 for the orientation and school term starts officially on 23 July 2018.


Boarding staff will attend to your child if he or she falls ill and take them to the nearest clinic for medical intervention.

If your child has caught a communicable disease, he or she will be moved to the boarding house’s infirmary to rest. If your family is living in Singapore, your child will be advised to return home.

Parents will be kept informed in such instances.

It takes about 7 to 10 mins by car in a single direction between both points.

The boarding house is located at 21 Linden Drive, which is about 2.7km away from the SIM campus.

Transport is provided to and from the boarding house and SIM campus on school days.

The boarding house is managed by SIM IA faculty who are appointed Boarding Mentors. Each boarding mentor will work with a non-faculty boarding staff from Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School to provide care and supervision to a cluster of 20 students. The boarding mentor will be the main teacher-in-charge of each cluster of students.

Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the boarding house from Mondays to Sundays during term time; lunch is included on weekends and public holidays. During term time, lunch will be provided in school as part of the school’s lunch programme.

Boarding programmes run after school hours and on selected Saturdays. The boarding programme includes academic support, experiential learning and enrichment activities to provide a holistic learning experience.

Boarders will have the weekends off, although they must seek permission and provide evidence of parental approval to leave the boarding house; all boarders are expected to be back in the boarding house by 6 pm on Sunday for dinner during the term.

Boarding is not compulsory. For non-boarders, the student’s family needs to appoint a guardian that meets the school’s requirements and is living in a suitable homestay that meets the child’s social and emotional needs.


Entrance tests will be held in major cities of the following countries, either monthly or every two months:

  • Singapore
  • China
  • Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Please contact us for more details on specific dates or test venues. Please also note that only applicants who have submitted their completed application form and paid the Application Fee are allowed to sit the entrance test.

SIM IA offers Chinese as an examinable subject and conversational Chinese as an enrichment subject. Requests to offer languages other than Chinese will be considered on a case-by-case basis (subject to the language being offered by Cambridge Assessment International Examinations, student numbers and the availability of teachers with the necessary qualifications to teach the language).

SIM International Academy’s academic year calendar is as follows:

Academic year 2017-18 calendar

wdt_ID Semester Schedule Date
1 Semester 1 (Term 1) Registration and Admin From 20 August 2017
2 Orientation 30 – 31 Aug and 4 Sep 2017
3 Teaching Week 1-7 5 Sep 2017– 20 Oct 2017
4 Term 1 break – 1 Week break 23 Oct-27 Oct 2017
5 Semester 1 (Term 2) Teaching Weeks 30 Oct 2017 – 22 Dec 2017
6 Mid Term break – 1 Week Christmas break 25 Dec – 29 Dec 2017
7 Teaching Weeks 2 Jan – 9 Feb 2018
8 End of Semester Break – 2 Weeks End of Semester Break 12 Feb – 23 Feb
9 Semester 2 (Term 3) Teaching Weeks 26 Feb 2018 – 13 Apr 2018
10 Term 3 Break (1 Week) 16 Apr – 20 Apr

Academic year 2018-19 calendar

wdt_ID Semester Schedule Date
1 Semester 1 (Term 1) Orientation (new student and student leaders) (Week 0) 16 Jul 2018 – 20 Jul 2018
3 Teaching Weeks 23 Jul 2018 – 21 Sep 2018
4 Term 1 break – 1 Week break 22 Sep 2018- 30 Sep 2018
5 Semester 1 (Term 2) Teaching Weeks 1 Oct 2018 – 30 Nov 2018
6 Semester Break (4 weeks) 1 Dec 2018 – 1 Jan2019
7 Teaching Weeks 2 Jan – 1 Feb 2018
8 Mid Term Break 2 Feb 2019 - 10 Feb 2019
9 Semester 2 (Term 3) Teaching Weeks 11 Feb 2019 – 15 Mar 2019
10 Term 3 Break (1 Week) 16 Mar 2019 – 24 Mar 2019
11 Semester 2 (Term 4) Teaching Weeks 25 Mar 2019 – 19 Apr 2019

SIM IA will provide English language support programme to students who require additional help. These lessons will be built into the boarding school programme but will be made available to non-boarders as well.

For more information, please go to our languages learning page.

A healthy mix of different teaching approaches will be adopted in the classroom to suit the different strengths of the students, including the use of Education Technology. There will also be a lower student-to-teacher ratio, allowing for greater emphasis on experiential learning and small group mentoring.

Each lesson is between 1 to 2 hours in duration, with the total number of hours per subject following the number of teaching hours recommended by Cambridge Assessment International Education for the Cambridge IGCSE and International AS and A Levels.

For more information, please click here.

Yes, the Cambridge IGCSE and International A Level certificates are accepted by local universities, polytechnics and junior colleges in Singapore. These institutions will publish the dates of their admission cycles on their own websites.

The table below provides general information on these institutions’ admissions requirements.

wdt_ID Level Institution Academic Qualifications Additional Requirements Other Considerations
2 Diploma Local Polytechnics Local Polytechnics
4 Diploma SIM Diploma Minimum of 5 IGCSE Subjects (Grade C or better) - English as First Language - Mathematics - 3 other subjects (with relevant subjects) Mathematics (for Accounting and Banking & Finance Courses) Students will be offered the Management Foundation Studies before entering the Diploma courses.

wdt_ID Level Institutions Academic Qualifications Additional Requirements Other Considerations
1 Undergraduate SIM GE Undergraduate Programmes Range between 5 IGCSE passes and 3 ‘Advanced’ (A-Level) passes for different Universities and courses. - IELTS or TOEFL - Subject requirements for various courses
2 Undergraduate NUS Good passes in at least 3 A-Level subjects. - ACT or SATs - SAT subject tests - Subject requirements for various courses
3 Undergraduate NTU Good passes in at least 4 subjects in Cambridge International A-Level taken in the same sitting. Students with good pass in 3 Cambridge Pre-U Principal subjects and Cambridge International A-Level are not precluded from applying and such applications wil Subject requirements for various courses
4 Undergraduate SMU Good passes in at least 3 A-Level subjects. One of the following for consideration: - SAT - ACT - IELTS - TOEFL Subject requirements for various courses
5 Undergraduate SUTD At least three A-Level subjects within the same sitting. Optional: - TOEFL - SAT - IELTS - SAT subject tests At least one letter of recommendation from teacher / principal from high school.

Please visit the respective institutions’ websites for the most updated information.


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