Past Events

SIM IA Awards Day 2018

SIM IA’s inaugural Awards Day was held on Friday, 20th July 2018, in recognition of our students’ achievements in the academics and character development. More than 150 students, parents, agents and partners gathered to celebrate in their joy! The ceremony kicked off with a welcome address from our Principal, Mr Bala and a keynote shared by our Communications Associate, Ms Jasmine Tan, who spoke candidly and passionately about her journey in life.

The school has been focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to look at developing inquiry in students. As the world now is about the internet of things, Mr Bala shared that learners now have to think about “being effective problem solvers, a creator, an effective employer, and knowledge workers to become successful” in this day and age. Instead of teaching Mathematics and Science separately, SIM IA’s STEM programme combines different disciplines and shows students how these work together seamlessly in the real world. Because students are taught in a manner that integrates knowledge and skills from different disciplines, they find it easier to apply the skills they have learnt to solve problems.

The presentation of Awards began with the Outstanding Academic Merit awards. 14 students achieved an overall GPA of 4.0 (Gold), 3.75 (Silver) or 3.5 (Bronze) for the past academic year, as well as displaying good conduct in school. Of the academic merit recipients, 4 of them were also awarded the IA Scholarships for the upcoming school term.

Students awarded Outstanding Academic Merit Award:


  • Wang Zitian, Year 7
  • Lieu Trieu Bao Thien, Year 9
  • Wu Yimiao, Year 9


  • Choi Jinseo, Year 8
  • Nam Hyeonbin, Year 8
  • Tang Zhaoyun, Year 8
  • Ban Semin, Year 9
  • Cui Nan, Year 9
  • Luo Yingrou, Year 9


  • Viko Rafael Tanutama, Year 7
  • Zeng Yinghe, Year 7
  • Lee Jaehoon, Year 8
  • Lin Geman, Year 8
  • Riyu Delvio Tanutama, Year 8

Students awarded Scholarships for academic year 2018-19:

Year 9

  • Liu Yitian
  • Nam Hyeonbin
  • Tran Thien Thao

Year 10

  • Ban Semin
  • Lieu Trieu Bao Thien
  • Wu Yimiao

Year 11

  • Yahvi Bhatnagar

During the school term, students and teachers were tasked to shortlist their peers/ students who demonstrated exemplary and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions in the past year. Together, 3 students were identified and awarded the Outstanding Character Award: 

Year 7
Viko Rafael Tanutama

Year 8
Nam Hyeonbin

Year 9
Ban Semin

“You are the master of your sea. Sometimes, the sail may be rough, but you just have to take up the pieces, bring your raft, and keep going” - Mr Bala, Principal, SIM IA

SIM IA Students Show Their Mettle at the 2018 South East Asian Mathematics Competition

Six SIM IA students (Ban Semin, Hwang Jungin, Lieu Trieu Bao Thien and Wu Yimiao from Year 9; and Kim Minseo and Myat Thuzar Kyaw from Year 8) took part in the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) held in Singapore in early March 2018.

The few days of the competition was a healthy mix of geeky fun as well as serious work. Our students had the chance to think deeply, work in teams, make friends, and be inspired by others. During the competition, they collaborated with students of different nationalities and cultures from international schools across Asia.

By the end of the competition, our students had been awarded a total of 11 medals:

  • Hwang Jungin (Year 9) won a gold medal in Strategy, a silver in Creativity and a bronze in Challenge.
  • Lieu Trieu Bao Thien (Year 9) won a bronze in Creativity.
  • Wu Yimiao (Year 9) won two silver medals in Strategy and Challenge, and a bronze in Creativity.
  • Kim Minseo (Year 8) won two gold medals in Creativity and Strategy, and a silver in Challenge.
  • Myat Thuzar Kyaw (Year 8) won a bronze medal in Knowledge.

In addition, Kim Minseo was also recognized as one of the Top 8 performers in the Junior Category and all six students qualified for the World Mathematics Championships finals, to be held in Melbourne in June.

In their congratulatory note, the Competition Academy highlighted that the six students “performed so well across the nine rounds that they were all awarded Golden Ticket invites to the finals (no other school in this venue achieved similarly)”, and also that SIM IA was placed “joint second-best school” for the Singapore qualifying round.

Well done everyone, and all the best for the Championships finals in Melbourne!

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